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This curricular unit in e-learning aims to apprehend discourses and practices in the EU, linking them to the use of new technologies in the construction of knowledge spaces. Analyzing the processes of narrative construction, the curricular unit aims to unpack dynamics associated with the production/construction of discourses and practices that will highlight critical areas in EU action, including current issues such as propaganda or ‘fake news’. The curricular unit includes the analysis of case studies to illustrate these processes. The distance learning format provides an innovative teaching/learning tool, based on new technologies that allow self-learning methodologies. Combined with problem-solving and guided discussion approaches by providing topics for discussion, these methodologies contribute to the development of competences related to autonomy, time management and critical evaluation. Students have access to an online platform where all the resources to support the curricular unit are available. They also have access to an online discussion forum that allows for a more integrated dialogue between all students.


1. Conceptual framework: regional spaces and Europe’s position in global dynamics

2. European Union foreign policy

3. Other European organizations

4. Foreign policies of the main European powers

5. Strategic positioning of the smallest states in Europe

6. Impact of transatlantic relations in Europe / EU

7. Other dynamics in the European space