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Focusing on the central topic of EU relations to the East, this course is broadband in terms of the way it addresses EU’s external relations from a conceptualization perspective, and specialized in its approach to the topic through a regional lenses. The course starts by discussing dynamics of integration and enlargement in the process of building the EU internally and the impact it has on its dimension as an international actor. The course focuses on the Eastern neighbourhood of the EU, looking at the main issues on the agenda as well as how relations with the Russian Federation contribute to enhancing or hindering EU policies and approaches towards this neighbouring area. It also draws on potentialities and limitations and discusses challenges ahead.

The e-learning format of the course allows an innovative approach, as an open educational resource building on new technologies available for teaching/learning. The students will have access to an online platform where all resources supporting the course will be uploaded and available. They also have access to an online discussion forum, allowing a more integrated dialogue between all students enrolled in the course.